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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Delhi’s Popular Zaika Restaurant Gives Discount To Vaccinated Customers To Boost Vaccination Drive

Various companies, organisations, social groups, etc. are taking up several measures to encourage vaccination against COVID-19. And if you’re in Delhi, your vaccination certificate will not only ensure that you have enhanced your immunity against the virus, but can also let you grab a special discount at Zaika E Dilli restaurant in Yamuna Vihar. Zaika E Dilli is giving a discount of 20% on foods to all those who have taken their vaccines. The restaurant has taken this step to boost the process of coronavirus vaccination. Restaurants in Delhi have reopened for dine-in after the announcement of lockdown relaxations by the government.

The Discount Can Be Availed With Vaccine Certificates
Initially, the discount was on takeaways, but after the announcement of Unlock-3 in Delhi, the offer has been extended to dine-in as well. According to an Economic Times report, Gaurav Sharma, the 25-year-old owner of Zaika E Dilli, told IANS, “Apart from feeding the needy during the corona lockdown, I have tried to contribute in the vaccination process by encouraging people. I have offered 20% discount to those who have got vaccinated.” Gaurav added that through this initiative the youth will receive encouragement.

He further stated that he had sent back some people who did not receive the vaccine and they regretted missing out on the discount. Gaurav also added that this step is causing some loss to his business but he wants to contribute in his way for the interest of the nation. To avail the discount, the customers will need to show their vaccine certificates. Gaurav has two restaurants and he has launched the offer in both of them. At present, restaurants in Delhi are allowed to operate from 10 AM to 8 PM with 50% capacity. 5 Free-Stuff You Can Get With Your COVID-19 Vaccine Right Now

Other Restaurants That Have Launched Vaccination Boosting Campaigns
McDonald’s is offering 20% discount vouchers to vaccinated buyers. The Beer Cafe has rolled out a tagline, “You got the jab, we got your tab.” Pune’s Swig Bar and Eatery has stated that for all those who have taken the first dose of the vaccine, their first beer is on them. If you are getting vaccinated, you can also book a luxurious room at Lalit Mumbai just for ₹3,500 for 3 to 4 hours, along with a set meal.

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