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Ever Wondered Why Lifts & Elevators Have Mirrors?

Elevators are among the most important inventions of all time because they simplify upward transportation. They are quick and safe, and they can save time and effort. Elevators have become essential in residential and office buildings, which sometimes have 15 to 20 floors, since most people nowadays live in multistory apartments.

However, if you think elevator manufacturers are simply concerned with engineering, you’re mistaken. Every detail is carefully considered, from the elevator music to the strategically placed mirrors.

Here is the fascinating story of how mirrors became such an important feature in elevators today.

In the early industrial era, many new buildings were taller than anything else. Many of them had elevators. As building heights increased, more people began to use elevators, but their sluggishness caused people to continuously criticize them.

The issue irritated elevator companies. At the time, they set about creating elevators that were faster and safer, but they were prohibitively expensive.

According to an engineer, people believe elevators travel too slowly, which is the issue. As a result, the design team was able to approach the challenge from an entirely different angle when he included the phrase “people think.” in the problem statement.

Instead of using bigger motors, slicker pulley designs, and other similar features, they focused on the passenger in the lift. So, after much study, they started installing mirrors in elevators.

Have you ever wondered why there are mirrors in the elevator?

You may be surprised by the answer. Elevator mirrors are actually placed in elevators for a variety of psychological reasons. These reasons include:

In order to give you a sense of security

Have you ever been in an elevator without someone knowing and felt unsafe and scared? We’ve all been there. Mirrors give us a glimpse of what others are doing. Additionally, it alerts you of any potential assaults or robberies.

The Japan Elevator Association requires all elevators to be equipped with mirrors. In this way, wheelchair-bound persons will have an easier time entering and exiting the elevator.

To assist in the relief from anxiety and claustrophobia

It’s normal to feel fearful or claustrophobic in confined spaces, and an elevator is no different. Mirrors in elevators can be useful in these situations since they give the impression that there is more space and that it is less crowded. This also alleviates feelings of confinement.

To keep you distracted

While dangling in the air and consumed by fear of tumbling, individuals in the elevator mirror story had an inflated sense of time as they had nothing to do but gaze at the wall and contemplate the elevator’s safety.

Even though the goal is useful, it is psychological rather than mechanical in nature. When we watch the elevator, many of us become bored, or, in the case of someone like me, we become concerned. Mirrors were installed in elevators to divert your attention from such feelings.

One Quora thread provides more information. Here’s what it said:

Thus, next time you’re on an elevator and find yourself adjusting your hair or snapping selfies, remember that you’ve succumbed to the elevator companies’ psychological tactics.

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