Infosys, Accenture Will Hire 500 Google Certified Graduates


Now, Google Inc. has started enrolments for its latest Google Career Certificates in data analytics, project management and user experience (UX) design to bridge the prevailing skills gap in India.

Career Certification Form Google
With this move, Google has opened its doors for Indian people to upgrade their skills.

Recently, Google has announced the three Career Certifications namely – Project Manager, Data Analyst, and UX Designer.

The IT tech giant, Infosys has signed the deal with Google stating to hire 500 employees who have done the Google Career Certification along with Verizon, Accenture, Walmart and Deloitte, just after the announcement.

So far, these courses are announced to help with unemployment in the US.

Fortune 1000 Companies Hiring
With this move, now Fortune 1000 companies are stepping up and signing the deal to hire among the candidates with Google Career Certification.

Currently, over 130 employers have signed a similar deal with Google which includes the Silicon Valley behemoth making them hire the graduates with these certificates.

President of Infosys – Ravi Kumar, the Indian multinational giant, Infosys will be hiring over 500 employees.

It seems that this will also help in fulfilling the Infosys target to hire 25,000 employees by the end of 2022 in the US.

So far, many companies have partnered with Google along with Guild Education to make employers hire employees with Google Career Certificates as mentioned by Sundar Pichai, the Chief Executive Officer of Google.

By industry standards, it is one of the great ways to upskill the workforce and hire talented employees that can take the businesses to the next level.

Duration And Content Of The Google Certification Program
This upskilling program includes three major courses namely Project Management, UX Design, and Data Analytics.

In the span of three to six months, the candidates can complete these courses.

These courses will be equivalent to the four-year degree in the related field as per Senior Vice President of Global Affairs, Google, Kent Walker.

Google has come with an initiative named Grow with Google during 2017.

Moving ahead, these certifications became a part of the same with the motive to upskill the US employees.

In the last four years, more than six million US citizens have accomplished the goals.