Latest Update On Mumbai-Pune-Hyderabad Bullet Train: How Much Work Is Completed?


The review work for the Mumbai-Pune-Hyderabad Bullet Train (High-Speed Rail Corridor) has been blocked due to rainfall.

The cloudy weather is hampering the LIDAR Survey (Light Detection and Raising Survey) initiated by the aircraft.

Meantime, the 250-kilometer LIDAR review took only three days to achieve.

 The Mumbai-Hyderabad Bullet Train Terminal 

Mumbai-Hyderabad bullet train terminal, which will be connected with the under-construction international airport, works on which is going on besides connectivity to the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link.

Integration of Bullet Train with the Navi Mumbai Metro Projects is planned,” a senior Indian Railway executive responded.

 A senior Indian Railway executive replied, “Space is a obstacle in Mumbai and consequently we are looking at Navi Mumbai for the terminal station for the Mumbai-Hyderabad corridor. Even there land may not be a predicament as we can plan an underground station on airport land. A final conclusion is yet to be exercised.”

Bullet Train progress has been Stalled amid of rains

Rains halted the survey work on the High-Speed Rail Corridor

So far, the 250 km survey work in Solapur and beyond has been accomplished.

IIC Technology Aircraft Company has arranged for a separate aircraft for this purpose. The survey process is currently in progress with their flight from Baramati.

The remaining work is expected to be done in a week, according to railway officials.

The bullet train is expected to travel at a speed of 250 to 320 kilometers per hour along this route. The distance between Mumbai and Hyderabad (711 km) will take roughly three and a half hours to travel.

It needs two to two and a half hours to reach Pune by train from Mumbai. 

The trip time from Pune to Hyderabad would be reduced to 45 minutes; currently, it takes eight to twelve hours to get from Pune to Hyderabad.

The train will reach in three and a half hours. Separate tracks will be introduced for the trains at Pune, Solapur, Pandharpur.