Mumbai Receives 62,010 Kg Of Garbage Back From Sea After Cyclone As ‘Return Gift’ From Nature

Cyclone Tauktae, one of the most destructive cyclones from the Arabian Sea in decades, which hit at speeds of around 155-165 kilometres per hour, ravaged several parts of Mumbai. The city witnessed massive waves creating devastating floods, uprooting of numerous trees, smashing of roadways and cars, sinking of low-lying houses in neck-deep water, prolonged power cuts and whatnot. The cyclone has killed around 104 people and in Mumbai, it has brought back nearly 62,010 kg of trash from the ocean.

Large Amounts Of Trash Pile Up On Around 7 Mumbai Beaches
Around 62,010 kg of garbage was collected cumulatively from nearly seven Mumbai beaches, namely Dadar, Juhu, Versova, Girgaon, Chimbai, Madh and Gorai, after cyclone Tauktae churned the Mumbai shores. The waste collected on May 18 by the civic solid waste management workers was nearly 87 percent more than the waste collected a couple of days ago. It indicates the amount of waste that has been discarded into the ocean over time. Taking to Twitter, @TGreensavers wrote, “Cyclone Tauktae returns the trash we threw in the seas. Our actions come back to us. Remember, what u sow is what you reap. The nature will Always cleanse itself.”

The Trash Accumulation Is Being Attributed To The Change In Wind Direction
The throwing back of large amounts of waste into the shores has been attributed to the change in the tide and wind direction. According to a Times of India report, activist Zoru Bhatena said, “These were not southwest monsoon winds and therefore the tide and wind direction were different. So it is possible beaches which otherwise do not have garbage being thrown out in large amounts did so now.”

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“With almost all drains open in the city, any garbage on the roads that is not cleared eventually lands in the sea. A simple solution would be to ensure that drains are well covered to protect litter from entering it.”

No matter what, the cyclone has definitely been a strong reminder to people to discard wastes more judiciously in proper trash disposal points. As nature too has its own way of revenge.