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Pune: This Doctor’s Workout In Saree Takes Internet By Storm, Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Pune woman in saree does push-ups

During a lockdown, most of us satisfy our appetite at home. Here is a social media video that might motivate you to get fit and work out. A video of a woman doing push-ups wearing a sari has gone viral on social media.

Those who have just commenced working out must watch the viral Video of Dr. Sharvari Inamdar from Pune. In the Video, she is seen performing push-ups wearing a saree.

The Video has received tremendous attention on social media. So if you need the inspiration to work out, you can get inspired by watching this Video. Dr. Inamdar is an MD in Ayurveda. She has been posting videos of her workout in the gym on social media. However, this workout in saree has come under the spotlight.

Additionally, she says that she worked out wearing a saree to show that there is no gender-specific workout. Everyone can do it and stay fit. Strength can never be your weakness, she said.

She has been following the fitness schedule regularly for five years. She is doing exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and weightlifting. Moreover, she has mastered doing the workout in a saree. She has also won the Strong Woman of Maharashtra Award 4 times in weightlifting.

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