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There Is Confusion In Mumbai, If It’s Mumbai Or Venice After Torrential Downpour

It’s no news that Mumbai is facing torrential and incessant downpours over the last few days. And it’s still going on, as we speak. So much so that the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a red alert for the top city, which indicates heavy rainfall for 24 hours.

The flooding has left people worried after waist-deep flooding was reported in low-lying areas. When the deluge caused traffic chaos across town, people were worried. Over 32 people have died in five rainrelated tragedies, according to a report by the Times Of India, and another six have been hurt. CM Uddhav Thackeray has also taken stock of the situation and has asked officials to stay alert.

Social media is flooded with SOS alerts and cries for help. But it would be a folly to say that they have #MumbaiRains trending all across Twitter. For the meme, lords have taken it upon themselves to remind the authorities that Mumbaikars are watching their ‘pass-the-blame’ game. And that they are sick and tired of the ‘Mumbai spirits’ that expect residents to brave the rains without the amenities that the taxpayers pay for.

While many were confused if it’s Mumbai or Venice, the rest were focused on bringing in the haha/retweets at the cost of the flooding city. See for yourself.

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