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This Nagpur Man Has Been Feeding Chicken Biryani To Stray Dogs Since COVID-19 Pandemic Hit India

There are thousands of stray dogs in India. And many of them struggle to find food for survival. During this coronavirus induced lockdown, many dog lovers across the country came to the streets to feed starving stray dogs. Roystian Foundation in Karnataka came up with a quirky solution to feed stray dogs in Hubballi-Dharwad cities of the state. Youths in this foundation installed a unique vending machine that eats plastic waste and feeds stray dogs in return. Also, a man named Ranjeet Nath from Maharashtra’s Nagpur has been cooking around 40 kilograms of chicken biryani every day since the start of the pandemic, and he feeds the delicious food to around 190 stray dogs at 5 PM.

Nagpur Man Feeds Chicken Biryani To 190 Stray Dogs Daily Amid Pandemic
Ranjeet Nath starts cooking chicken biryani at noon every day. On his bike, he travels around the city at 5PM to feed the biryani to around 190 stray dogs. According to a Times Now report, speaking to ANI, Ranjeet said, “I am busy on Wednesday, Sunday, and Friday as I prepare 30-40 kilogram biryani for these dogs. They are like my kids now. I will do this work till I am alive. It makes me happy … I have 10-12 fixed locations and my bacche know them. The moment they see me, they start running towards me. Once on the streets, I do not discriminate against strays. I also feed cats”

Vending Machine In Karnataka Eats Plastic Waste & Feeds Stray Dogs In Return
A unique vending machine has come up in Karnataka. It dispenses food for stray dogs and also helps make the environment a plastic-free place. This unique machine has a plastic bottle dropping point, water pouring point and food vending place. The food vending point has two plates to feed dogs. Moreover, this machine is equipped with CCTV cameras, sensors and an alarming unit. The alarm alerts people if some miscreants steal or damage the machine.

The founding member, Santosh Kurdekar stated to The New Indian Express that the machine will be filled with ready to eat dog food by the team members. And the foundation shall keep the stock of dog food in check once in three days. These plastic bottles collected by the machine shall be handed over to local corporation or recycling units to recycle plastic. The founder of Roystian Foundation, Kiran Roystian informed TNIE, “We have our team members in 15 states and there is a plan to install 750 Nihit machines in 15 cities of each state. With the help of local businessmen and supporters we are launching the programme to feed the dogs and to save the environment from plastic waste.”

Ukraine Has A Similar Vending Machine To Protect The Environment & Feed Animals
Earlier Ukraine, also installed a similar vending machine, which feeds stray animals and also recycles plastic waste. The vending machine set up by Rufat Raimov aims to teach the younger generation the value of not only protecting the environment but also feeding stray animals.

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