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Weed, Beer, Ice Creams; Countries Offer Freebies For People Who Take Covid Vaccine

Trust the Americans to start some bizarre new trend. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, different governments are taking precautions and measures to ensure that the transmission is minimal. Now that the new year also brought some silver lining with the vaccines, it is up to the Americans to start a new fad to encourage them to get vaccinated. How? By giving them free joints, of course! And that’s not all, countries like Germany, Israel are providing free doughnuts and beers as vaccination incentives. Yes, you heard us right, read on to find out more!

Countries Offer Freebies Like Beer, Doughnuts, Cab Rides & More As Vaccination Incentives
Businesses in the USA are going above and beyond to encourage people to take vaccinations. The freebies include cab ride, doughnuts, arcade tokens and even weed. While experts in behavioural motivation state that this isn’t really the most cost-efficient or effective way to increase vaccine turnout, it hasn’t stopped the pouring out of freebies. Krispy Kreme announced to give one glazed doughnut per day to anyone who provides proof of Covid-19 vaccination. A bakery in Germany provided “vaccinated doughnuts” garnished with plastic syringes to people who get vaccinated. A mobile vaccination clinic at a bar in Israel offers free beer and non-alcoholic peach juice for people who receive the shot. Uber promised to provide 10 million free or discounted rides to senior citizens and essential workers in countries like North America, Europe and Asia to travel to vaccination centres. Up-Down, a chain of bars in the USA offers free vintage arcade tokens for people who present a completed vaccination card. And a mall in Russia lures people with ice cream for taking the jab.

Americans Can Get Free Joints If They Get Vaccinated
A Michigan-based dispensary, Greenhouse of Walled Lake, gives out free joints to the people who get vaccinated. This ‘high’ initiative is to raise awareness of the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Jerry Millen, the owner of Greenhouse of Walled Lake, said Ladbible, “Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccination as we as a community battle this horrible pandemic.

Provide Proof Of COVID-19 Shot & Get Free Weed
Those citizens interested in free joints will have to provide proof of vaccination when they approach Greenhouse of Walled Lake, and once certified, they will get one pre-rolled joined free of charge! Yes, it is that simple. However, one has to be 21 years and above with an unexpired medical card to enjoy the free stuff. This initiative is called Pot for Shots is, according to Jerry, a way of showing commitment to aid the community and help them get back to normalcy. He also stressed that they support the safe and responsible use of cannabis, and he hopes that it will be the beginning of the end of this pandemic.

This initiative is also a result of America’s delay in rolling out its already minimal number of doses to the eligible recipients. It has been reported that Michigan recorded more than half a million coronavirus cases, with nearly 14,000 deaths. It ranks at 24th in America for the number of coronavirus infection, slipping below its previous ranking of 20th. Currently, Michigan has distributed more than a million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

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