7 Lip Balm Uses & Hacks For Quick, Easy Beauty Fixes|

Having a beauty faux pas outdoors with no fix in sight? Fret not, as the humble lip balm has more uses than you think! Now no need to rummage through a makeup kit, when our lip balm products can solve all your woes!

If you’ve been using your lip balm just to moisturize dry lips, allow us to share some crazy lip balm hacks. Who knew these trusty beauty products can do so much more!

Read on to check out new ways to use lip balm beyond your lips, from speeding up your beauty routine to quick and easy beauty fixes.


Missing some dewy highlighter? Just sweep come non-tinted lip balm across your cheek bones to add instant highlight. Apply a single layer, starting at the apples of the cheek and working outward and upward.


Don’t have a  brow gel? Well, you don’t need one. Though lip balm tend to be thicker than most brow gels, it’s still a great alternative.  The balm will not dry on your brows or harden. Just sweep a non-tined balm across the brows and blend with a spoolie or finger. But use a lip balm only if you haven’t used a brow pencil or brow pomade already as the balm may cause the color to bleed.
Spending on cuticle oils can get a little expensive. So here’s a solution for you. Use a lip balm instead. Take a small amount of balm on your fingertips and gently massage it into your cuticles. The oil from the balm will moisten and soften your cuticles instantly.


If you want a natural blush on your cheeks, you can use a balm with a slight tint. Sweep some balm on your cheeks and blend with your fingers. This will give a nice dewy blush on your cheeks.  If you don’t have a tinted blush just mix some lipstick with the balm. This will work like a crème blush.
Though this is a temporary solution, it works wonders. Take a small amount of lip balm on your fingertips and rub into your split ends. This will tame them disguise them, even if it’s only for a day. As the consistency of the balm is heavy, use just a smidgen.


Smudging your mascara each time you apply it and then fixing it is quite a task. You don’t want to mess up your makeup while fixing the smudge. So, just dab some balm on a Q-tip and erase the mascara.  The balm will lift away stray mascara without undoing the rest of your makeup.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a mixing medium.  Mix equal amounts of pigment and lip balm; mix it up well and use. Not only will it stay on but it will also add some shine to your look. The only problem here is that it needs to be blended well to avoid creasing.