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A Second Salary Hike for 80% of Wipro’s Employees this Year, Starting this September (Full Details)

Amidst gloomy news coming in for IT employees, there is a ray of new hope and a new beginning.

India’s 3rd biggest IT firm: Wipro has announced a 2nd salary hike for 80% of the employees, and this news will surely bring in much-desired cheers from the IT employees. Will other IT firms follow suit?

Wipro Announces 2nd Salary Hike: In a late evening development, Wipro has announced that 80% of their employees will be eligible for 2nd salary hike this year. This new salary hike will be applicable from September 1, 2021.

All employees who are Band 3 or below will be eligible for this new salary hike, and in layman terms, this means all employees who are in the post of Assistant Manager or below. This effectively covers 80% of the employees.

How Much Salary Will Be Hiked?

As per the reports, all offshore employees (working from India) will receive a hike in the high-end range of single-digit. At the same time, all onsite employees (working outside India) will get a salary hike in the lower-end range of single-digit.

In a statement, Wipro said, “As announced earlier, all eligible employees above band C1 (Managers and above) will receive pay hikes effective June 1. On average, employees will receive raises in the high single digits for offshore operations and mid-divisional pay increases for onsite operations,”

We had already reported a possible salary hike for Wipro employees in April this year, which has now been confirmed. Earlier, in December 2020, Wipro had announced its 1st salary hike for all eligible employees.

Notably, Wipro CEO gets the highest salary among all IT companies in India. Even while fully working from home, Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte earned Rs 37.9 crore in FY2020.

We hope that other IT firms follow suit, and they also raise the salaries of all the employees.

We will keep you updated. As more details come in…

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