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Monday, December 4, 2023

Amazon Sellers Urge Customers to Remove Negative Reviews

What they’re doing violates Amazon’s rules.

Amazon sellers have often turned to pleading with unhappy customers.
According to Business Insider and published by the Wall Street Journal, some Amazon sellers allow refunds and request customers delete or edit negative reviews.
The seller may offer a refund or gift card worth more than the original purchase in some cases.

Following a negative review of a product, a customer said she was contacted by an email from someone purporting to be linked with the brand.
The email offered a full refund, requested that the review be removed, and said the company would contact the consumer if she didn’t reply.
Amazon does not allow sellers to contact consumers outside its official channel.
A former Amazon employee claims sellers employ third-party tools to match shipping data with email addresses, violating Amazon’s rules.

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