Eco-Friendly Masks That Contain Tomato & Basil Seeds, Grow Into Plants When Disposed

There was a time when beaches, parks and roads were strewn with plastic bags and non biodegradable waste. After the advent of the coronavrius pandemic, the same spots are littered with used surgical masks. It’s not uncommon to come across a discarded mask, just like a lone chappal, waiting for it’s better half. To address the issue of discarded masks, a social enterprise from Mangaluru in Karnataka has given face masks an eco-friendly spin. Paper Seed Co created face masks that bloom into plants when disposed. These masks are as beneficial to the environment as they are to us.

Paper Seed Co From Mangaluru Invents Masks That Grow Into Plants After Discarding
Nitin Vas the founder of Paper Seed Co invented a face mask that’s eco-friendly in every sense. This mask actually grows into trees when discarded. And this has created a huge buzz online. Nitin Vas informed The Indian Express tha the handmade masks are prepared using cotton pulp. These masks are thick and help prevent infection. The 36-year-old further stated “Masks are essential for humans but they are also creating problems for other species. We see them lying on the streets and ending up in landfills, but forget that it also ends up in rivers and oceans creating irreparable damage to the environment and aquatic life.”

Handmade Masks Containing Tomato & Basil Seeds Cost ₹25
To tackle concerning environmental issues due to face masks, Vas’ masks are truly eco-friendly. Although they are for single use only, these masks after usage need to be thrown into soil. The masks contain tomato and basil seeds. Water them a little bit and hopefully they shall grow into lush green plants. Costing ₹25 per piece, these single-use masks are not cheap. But these are handmade under a labourious process. These eco-friendly masks are not made in factory outlets. Each mask is cut out by hand using stencil, and created using cotton pulp. After all, these masks are not created for profits. They are sold to find an ecological solution for a better future. Paper Seed Co ‘s unique eco-friendly masks are already in demand in Bengaluru, Madikeri and Chennai.