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Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet With 300Mbps Speed Will Go Live By This Date; 12,000 Satellites Launched

Elon Musk has tweeted that his satellite internet project Starlink could go fully mobile by the end of the year.

Starlink’s Current Progress
Users can preorder Starlink for a refundable fee of $99 or Rs 7300 approx. which includes a satellite dish, a tripod and a Wi-Fi router

By mobile it is meant that users will be able to carry the portable satellite dish on-the-go and avail satellite internet regardless of whether a location is stationary or moving.

However, complete coverage is still a few more satellite launches away.

Presently 1200 satellites out of the targeted 12,000 satellites have been deployed on Falcon rockets.

Musk has further shared that the bandwidth and latency of the service are constantly improving.

It is currently in the beta phase which is expected to complete by this summer.

India Arrival When, If At All?
As for an India launch, the only words we have received so far is “very soon”. The official website suggests its arrival in 2022.

We had also reported here earlier about the hurdles Starlink is facing from trade bodies here in India.

Starlink has however displayed eagerness to comply with Indian rules, regulations and policies.

It is not deterred by the market complications as it is ready to sit and discuss aspects of deployment, ground support network and satellite design.

India And Starlink: Potentially Mutually Symbiotic
India is a very valuable market for Starlink and Indian consumers stand to benefit a whole lot as well.

India is currently home to 700 million internet users and the figure could jump to 974 million by 2025.

The average internet speed here is 12 mbps, and Starlink currently provides speeds between 50 and 150 mbps.

It expects to double to 300 mbps and see a drop in latency as well.

Such robust figures have only been the stuff of dreams for the relatively up and coming Indian internet space.

So it is no wonder that should Starlink manage to overcome obstacles put up by ISPs, who cannot hold a candle to such dazzling speeds and low latencies, it will blow local telcos out of the water just as they are gearing up for a commercial 5G launch.

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