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Hyderabad IT Firms to End Work From Home under Government Pressure? The Truth is here!

Companies in the IT industry have been mass vaccinating their workers to ensure that they are protected from Covid while also preparing them to return to work once the situation has returned to normal or the impact of the pandemic has diminished.

Most MNC employees have already received their first vaccination, and some have even finished their second dosage.

The Work From Home Mode Culture

“The work-from-home mode will continue regardless of whether the Covid will be intense or not. The company will not allow work from home for the next 6-12 months. Everyone should be vaccinated, and herd immunity should be achieved. Until then, we need to take precautions and continue to work from home.”

Founder and CEO of Fuji, MR Manohar Reddy, Hyderabad chapter president, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), told Bizz Buzz.

Small businesses and startups find it difficult to adapt the work from anywhere because of a lack of resources and technology.

Many corporations planned to reopen offices in full force at the moment, but with the second wave striking and more lockdowns being announced, these plans had to be postponed for an extended period.

Even though most companies continue to run in WFH mode, many companies can’t afford that luxury in the long run, Manohar Reddy said.

Software Employees Are Fine With The WFH Culture!

Most software employees are OK with the WFH culture as they do not need to travel to the office when everything can be done from home.

There are early indications that some offices will reopen with reduced staff strength in October or November. Still, for full power, that would probably be in the First quarter of next year or late next year,” said Vivek Varma, Founder, UpSurge Enterprise Solutions.

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