In The Top 50 Best Restaurants Of The Middle East And Africa, This Indian Restaurant Ranks High

Trésind, a fine-dining Indian restaurant based in Dubai, known for serving modern Indian cuisine, now ranks in the 50 World’s Best Restaurants list in the Middle East and Africa (MENA). The kitchens, Trèsind and Trèsind Studio, in Dubai, helmed by Chef Himanshu Saini is known to be one of the best dining spaces for Indian food in Dubai. Trèsind also has a gorgeous outlet in Mumbai’s BKC. Read on to know more.

Trèsind Is The 4th Best Restaurant In The World In MENA Region.

Trèsind Studio in Dubai is now the 4th best restaurant globally in the Middle East and the UAE. The modern Indian restaurant is also the Art of Hospitality award winner. Trèsind in Dubai opened in 2014 is also part of this list, ranking 18th place among the world’s best restaurants in said regions. While Trèsind is the parent, Trèsind Studio, launched in 2018, is a concentrated version that offers an elaborate tasting menu. 3 Fils, a contemporary restaurant serving Asian fusion dishes, bagged the coveted first place in the list. Zuma, a restaurant serving dishes that are a sophisticated take on the traditional Japanese Izakaya, took second place. And OCD in Israel’s Tel Aviv held third place.

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10 Best Restaurants In The Middle East & Africa

Meanwhile, here’s the list of the 10 best restaurants in the world from the Middle East and Africa regions.

1. 3 Fils In Dubai, UAE

2. Zuma In Dubai, UAE

3. OCD Restaurant In Tel Aviv, Israel

4. Tresind Studio In Dubai, UAE

5. Sachi In Cairo, Egypt

6. Orfali Bros Bistro In Dubai, UAE

7. Fakhreldin, Amman In Jordan

8. LPM Restaurant & Bar In Dubai, UAE

9. George & John InTel Aviv, Israel

10. Gaia In Dubai, UAE


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Trèsind Studio In Mumbai Offers A Lavish 10-Course Meal

Dubai’s Trésind Studio, now the world’s 4th best restaurant in the 50 best restaurants list in the MENA region (the Middle East and Africa) has an outlet in Mumbai, Nestled in BKC, opposite Asian heart hospital, this restaurant is luxurious and contemporary. Serving a lavish menu of Indian dishes with a modern twist, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable dining experience at Trésind Studio. Make a reservation at least 2 days prior and treat yourself to an exquisite 10-course meal. Pamper yourself to an array of dishes like the Indian fried chicken, shaped like a Motichoor Laddoo, Gujarati Farsan served with Khandvi ice cream, Khichdi of India made with 20 ingredients from 20 states and velvety Charnamrit Kheer, to name a few. Wash it down with spectacular cocktails and mocktails.