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Meta takes action against 2.7 crore posts on Facebook, Instagram in India

Meta said in its monthly transparency report that it had taken action against 2.7 crore accounts on Facebook and Instagram in July.

According to Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, the company took action against 2.5 crore posts on Facebook and 20 lakh posts on Instagram.

As a result of Facebook’s spam filtering, 1.73 crore posts were removed. It was followed by 27 lakh post related to “adult nudity and sexual activity” and 23 lakh “violent and graphic content” related content.

Meta on its own identified 9.98 lakh “Dangerous Organizations and Individuals: Terrorism” related content and finally it took action against 99.8 per cent of the posts that were identified.

According to the report, Meta found most of the posts on Instagram violated its policy on “suicide and self-injury” content followed by “adult nudity and sexual activity” and “violent and graphic content.” The company received 626 complaints from individuals on Facebook and 1,033 complaint for Instagram posts.

“Between 1st and 31st July, we received 626 reports through the Indian grievance mechanism, and we responded to 100 per cent of these 626 reports. Of these incoming reports, we provided tools for users to resolve their issues in 603 cases,” the report said. One hundred and eight-five individuals complained about their accounts being hacked followed by “lost access to a page or group” they used to manage.

Meta reviewed 23 other reports and took action on 9 while no action was taken against 14 reports as it may have found non-violative of its policies. Similarly in the case of individual complaints on Instagram, Meta provided tools for users to resolve their issues in 945 cases.

Meta took action against 639 of the 705 individuals who complained about fake Instagram profiles. In addition, 715 Instagram users complained that their account had been hacked, with 167 complaints being addressed.

“Of the other 88 reports where specialised review was needed, we reviewed content as per our policies, and we took action on 35 reports in total,” the report said. Meta did not take action against the remaining 53 reports on Instagram as it may have found non-violative of its policy benchmarks.

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