Metaverse offices are the future of work


The “metaverse” keyword has seen a sharp decline in Google search interest. Although the hype may be fading, it appears that companies are still very keen on dipping their toes into the virtual world.

A number of companies have either launched or revealed plans to build metaverse offices that would facilitate online meetings with international clients, innovation hubs internally and enhanced social communication with users.

In its earlier versions, metaverse offices seem like a glimpse into the future of work. With that said, let’s take a look at some companies that have recently entered the metaverse.

Events firm Atom sets up a metaverse office

The Mumbai-based event company Atom has recently opened an office in the metaverse. In Decentraland, the firm has purchased digital space, and it plans to use the virtual office to reach out to international clients. They will also hold future events in the virtual space.

Atom’s creative head, Yash Kulshreshtha, said the move aims to expand the company’s global operations and cater to younger generations. “Young people growing up today will find it completely natural,” Kulshreshtha said.

KuCoin exchange launched KuCoin Meta Office

KuCoin has opened an office based on the Bloktopia Digital Space. KuCoin Meta Office was announced in a press release by the trading platform. In addition to providing visitors with an immersive metaverse experience, the office will also allow them to interact in a social environment.

KuCoin’s CEO Johnny Lyu said that this milestone contributes to the adoption of the metaverse and blockchain. “KuCoin is exploring the applications of blockchain and metaverse technology,” said Lyu.

Bjarke Ingels designs first virtual office

A new metaverse office in Decentraland has been designed by renowned architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group in collaboration with Vice Media’s creative agency Virtue Futures. The Viceverse office is a virtual space that will serve as a hub for Vice Media Group employees.

In an interview, Virtue Futures executive Morten Grubak described the office as an “experimental playground.” According to Grubak, the office allows its teams to experiment with nonfungible tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations and Web3.

SCB 10x reveals plans to launch The Sandbox-based office

Siam Commercial Bank’s venture arm, SCB 10x, plans to open a virtual office in The Sandbox. The office will be launched later in 2022 and will be used to connect with a global community of builders.

Apart from connecting with the community, the digital office will offer visitors the opportunity to attend events, watch product demonstrations and see unique environments.