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Reliance & BP Wants To Rule Highway Retail In India: Find Out How?

BP Mobility will open retail stores at fuel stations along Indian highways.

Reliance BP Mobility is the joint venture between Reliance Industries and UK-based BP that deals with fuel marketing.

How It Will Operate

Reliance Retail will operate these outlets, including its Smart Point convenience stores, digital stores, charging points for electric vehicles, cafes, and other food and beverage outlets.

Another option would be to get other food and beverage chains to open outlets at Reliance properties.

The move is intended to capitalize on the emerging concept of highway retailing in India.

Indian Highway Retailing: An Emerging Opportunity

With the construction of world-class highways and an increasing number of Indians taking road trips, the Indian market has boomed.

As of 2017, India had a road network of 5.8 million kilometres, just behind the US.

With India’s current road infrastructure, the modern retail potential is even greater. By 2030, highway retail in India could reach a $2.7 billion market.


A few years ago, Reliance tried to get into highway retailing, but it failed.

In light of Cube Highways’ tie-up with Bharat Petroleum, it is good to revive those ambitions.

Both companies will open branded food outlets, convenience stores, and toilet facilities at petrol pumps.

Reliance plans to expand its fuel retail network in the next five years from 1,400 to 5,500 stations.

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