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Reuse Brew: Redefining Sustainability in Brewing

In the heart of Germany, amidst the picturesque landscapes of Weissenburg, a remarkable collaboration between the city, American water technology company Xylem, and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has birthed a beverage that challenges conventional notions of brewing: Reuse Brew. This innovative German lager, crafted from recycled wastewater, exemplifies a bold step towards sustainability in the brewing industry.

The Genesis of Reuse Brew

Conceived through the ingenuity of TUM’s Brewery and Beverage Technology department, Reuse Brew epitomizes a marriage of tradition and innovation. Despite initial skepticism surrounding the utilization of wastewater as a brewing ingredient, rigorous purification processes ensure that only pristine water, devoid of impurities, is utilized in conjunction with malt, hops, and yeast.

The Purification Process: From Wastewater to Refreshing Lager

Before embarking on its transformational journey, wastewater undergoes a meticulous purification regimen facilitated by cutting-edge technology. Ozone infusion, UV irradiation, and hydrogen peroxide treatments constitute just a few stages in this comprehensive process, culminating in the removal of 99.999% of chemicals and contaminants. What emerges is not just water fit for consumption but a testament to the potential of sustainable brewing practices.

The Reuse brew will be available for tasting in Munich this month. Credit: Xylem

Reuse Brew: A Taste of Sustainability

Despite its unconventional origins, Reuse Brew embodies the quintessential characteristics of a Bavarian Helles — a harmonious blend of freshness, malt sweetness, and subtle bitterness. Marlies Poppe of Xylem describes it as more than a mere libation; it serves as a catalyst for dialogue, igniting conversations on water conservation and resource efficiency.

Challenging Perceptions: Rethinking Water’s Worth

The inception of Reuse Brew underscores a broader paradigm shift in our relationship with water. As Professor Jörg E. Drewes aptly notes, the value of water lies not in its source but in its safety and quality. In an era marred by escalating water scarcity exacerbated by climate change, the imperative for sustainable water management has never been more pressing.

Embracing the Future: Promoting Wastewater Recycling

While the notion of consuming recycled wastewater may evoke apprehension, its prevalence extends beyond the realm of brewing. From NASA’s innovative water reclamation systems to California’s pioneering efforts in wastewater recycling, the tide is turning towards embracing sustainable water practices. Reuse Brew stands as a beacon of this transformative ethos, symbolizing the convergence of environmental stewardship and gastronomic innovation.

Join the Movement: Experience Reuse Brew

As Reuse Brew makes its debut at the upcoming IFAT event in Munich, enthusiasts and advocates alike are invited to partake in this groundbreaking initiative. Beyond the confines of a beverage, Reuse Brew embodies a potent message: that sustainability and indulgence need not be mutually exclusive. So, raise a glass to innovation, to sustainability, and to the limitless possibilities of reimagining our relationship with water. Cheers!

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