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Tata Steel Will Give 100% Salary To Covid Victims Till Retirement, Free Education For Frontline Workers

With the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the country, the death rate is increasing manifold too. Many are losing their parents, grandparents, and some even children to the second wave of the deadly pandemic.

Amid everyday news of families losing their loved ones, the Jamshedpur-based steel manufacturer, Tata Steel has announced to provide relief to the families of its deceased employees, by continuing to pay their monthly salaries until the concerned employee’s retirement age.

Tata Steel’s Employee Relief Program
In a statement issued on May 23, Tata Steel has announced that it will continue to provide social security schemes to the families of its employees who have died due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company will provide the deceased employee’s salary to their immediate families until the retirement age of this employee, i.e. 60 years.

The monthly pay would be the same as the last salary which the person drew before his demise, stated the company.

Tata Steel will also take upon the entire education expenses for its frontline employees’ children, along with medical benefits and residential facilities to all such employees’ families.

“Tata Steel’s best-in-class social security schemes will help ensure an honourable standard of living for their families, whereby the family will get the last drawn salary till 60 years of age of the deceased employee/nominee along with medical benefits and housing facilities”, stated the company.

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