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Top 10 Travel Sites Around World That Accept Payments In Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are being accepted by an increasing number of companies worldwide for a range of investment, operational, and transactional functions. Both businesses and individual customers are embracing cryptocurrency as a payment method. All crypto enthusiasts speculate heavily on the future of the digital currency industry. Cryptocurrency and blockchain have transformed almost every industry they have touched. Tourism has greatly benefited from the integration of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The process of transacting has been greatly automated and secured. Several travel sites accept Bitcoin and other cryptos as payment. We’ve compiled a list of the top travel sites that accept cryptocurrencies.

  • com: Travala was created as a blockchain-based travel booking platform, so it offers the largest variety of cryptocurrency payment options in addition to traditional credit and debit cards. Digital currencies are used to book more than 2 million different hotels, flights, and other services.
  • Alternative Airlines: Alternative Airlines is one of the best booking platforms that accept payments in cryptocurrencies. With the integration of crypto payments options, the platform is growing exponentially and attracting several customers towards itself. Customers can pay in more than 160 currencies via more than 40 international payment gateways.
  • Destinia: Destinia is one of those platforms that abundantly accepts Bitcoins as payments. Travelers can search for flights, hotels, cars, trains, airport transfers, and infinite other facilities. The site also allows the users to enter budget parameters and organize full thematic trips.
  • CheapAir: CheapAir ensures providing affordable rates for flights, hotels, and car rentals for its users. Apart from accepting payments in major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the platform also offers pay-over-time plans with low APR and price drop paybacks that can give travelers credits if their fares become cheaper after purchase.
  • Travel: As a travel site Bitcoin.Travel is supported by Bitcoin. The platform is one of the most reliable options for purchasing a flight ticket with cryptocurrency. It operates like a travel agency that connects other platforms to present a list of flights and hotel bookings and allows the users to compare the reviews, prices, and more and book according to their conveniences.
  • TravelbyBit: TravelbyBit is known to be a travel site that accepts Bitcoin as a payment. The user interface is quite simple and intriguing to use. TravelbyBit accepts all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Litecoin. The platform has received several positive feedbacks from the reviewers and is preferred exponentially by them.
  • Berkeley Travel: This platform accepts Bitcoin for payments and promotes flexible pricing, understanding the customers’ use of multiple currencies. It is a luxury travel company that will take care of the hotel transfers if the flight gets delayed, and ensure that the hotel room is ready upon arrival.
  • ETravelSmart: ETravelSmart is an Indian online bus booking portal that accepts Bitcoins through a service called Unicoin. The platform partnered with Unicoin to deliver smart payment options that can be accessed with their mobile phones to get discounts and other amazing features.
  • com: Xceltrip is a decentralized travel and tourism economy that enables clients with direct access to travel service providers and offers travelers a wide variety of choices over the pricing and luxury of their trip.
  • BTCTrip: BTCTrip is filled with flights and special offers that can be purchased using Bitcoins. It is a travel agency that is classified as a crypto community because it accepts a variety of wallets, including GoCoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.
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