Manyavar Advert Gives Modern Spin To Kanyadaan Ritual: Twitter Divided

Alia Bhatt's new Manyavar ad is met with mixed reactions from the internet.


Manyavar, one of India’s leading ethnic clothing brands, recently released an advertisement featuring Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt, but it seems to have irritated many. A new commercial starring the actress takes the traditional Kanyadaan ritual and gives it a modern twist, but its mixed reception has become a hot topic on social media.

A few hearts were touched by the famous brand’s experiment to connect with today’s generation with their progressive thinking, but many condemned the advert’s anti-Hindu propaganda. Rather than focusing on the concept of redefining the Hindu wedding ritual ‘kanyadaan’ with ‘kanyamaan’, Alia in a beautiful bridal outfit shares the current views of a bride while challenging the conventional beliefs. However, it seems to have struck the wrong chord with a few.

Netizens praised the advert and praised the new progressive thinking it exemplifies. Some Twitter users have even praised #Kanyamaan as a modern way of life as well as expressed their support for the advertisement that aims to respect brides.

Meanwhile, Cadbury had recently re-released its famous 90s Dairy Milk advert in which they swapped the gender roles and managed to hit the bull’s eye. Apart from hailing it as a masterstroke, millennials and Gen Z alike praised the company for coming out with such a brilliant concept.

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