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The Redditor Stashes Away 100 Years’ Worth Of BTC In A Public Library

There’s never a dull day in Bitcoin (BTC) land. Despite that markets calling for a lull, the creative Bitcoin community always has cause for amusement.

As part of a time-lapse challenge, Optimal-Dentistador (hereafter, OD) questioned the longevity of the Bitcoin network yesterday.

A post on the Bitcoin subreddit disclosed that OD “wrote a letter and put the private keys for $100 worth of Bitcoin in the envelope.” In a private communication, they revealed they “put 0.003 BTC on a new address, put the private key and the letter together in an envelope, and here we are.”

OD’s life-long experiment was inspired by a series of events held at the public library in his city. These events will remain secret due to OD’s request. In their statement, they say:

“There was an event where you could write something like a letter, poetry, or even a diary that would be preserved for 100 years. They will try to locate living relatives to give you if you include some personal information on the envelope.”

OD decided to include “something special” in the time capsule, namely the public and private key details for 0.003 BTC, about $100 at the current rate. Cointelegraph quoted OD as saying, “I will tell my family,” however, OD also jokes that they may end up forgetting the whole thing in the future.

Reddit users were quick to point out that while 0.003 BTC may seem like a trifling amount in 2022, it could be a market-moving amount in one hundred years’ time:

OD joked that it was a bit like finding the “Bitfinex hack amount” of money in a letter today. In the recent debacle associated with Bitfinex, the Department of Justice seized $3.6B in assets. 

Given that the letter will not be opened until 2022, “fontinuos” commented that it’s “sad to think everyone will be dead by then and won’t be able to witness the result.” OD agrees that while it’s a fun experiment, the end result is “a grim feeling.”

Although the meme value is strong, OD’s offspring may enjoy wealth. OD signed off to Cointelegraph saying, “see you in 2122, the ultimate diamond hands :)”

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