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5 Stylish Décor Tips To Brighten Up Your Space This Festive Season!

As Diwali approaches, images of flickering lights and diyas emerge, along with a whiff of mouth-watering treats and the sound of laughter and joy. The festival brings with it the opportunity to spruce up our homes and add festive touches to our living rooms. Although the festival is just around the corner, you don’t have time to make drastic changes, but you can dress up your home in many ways. Take a look at these unique ways to make your space stand out this holiday season.

Bring Out The Peetal, Kansa And The Tamba

This season, one of the biggest decor trends is to shine the spotlight on all your traditional metals like peetal (brass), kansa (bronze) and tamba (copper). The festival is adorned with items made of these metals, such as diyas, decor items, and idols. Combine these items with fresh flowers, artefacts, and some interesting stands to hold these items so you can play with heights. This variation can be used to decorate a corner of your home, a space below the staircase, or even style a centre table setting to give your home a festive look. Furthermore, one can simply arrange their old metal ornaments at the entrance of their house, along with other artifacts, to make the entryway look interesting.

Let’s Play With Lights

It goes without saying that lights are a major part of Diwali decor because it’s the festival of lights. This season, mixing lights has become a great trend for decorating homes and offices. The lights can always be mixed up by bringing out lamps, candles, and fairy lights. 

Using Tapestry & Upgrading Upholstery

Upgrade upholstery such as cushion covers, table runners, etc. Adding a rug, or some colourful cushions, can transform the space and make it feel more complete. It is also a budget-friendly option. In addition, you can use traditional mats that don’t fit very well with the day-to-day décor, but will certainly add a festive vibe to your pooja spaces or your sit-down card parties this Diwali.

Colour Me In Indigo & Hues Of Purple

When it comes to current trends in home innovation, color play has taken center stage. The colour trend of the season is indigo mixed with purple hues. Indigo can be used as a stylish alternative to traditional reds, yellows and golds.

Set That Dinner Table Right

Diwali would not be Diwali without family dinners, card parties with friends and celebrations with loved ones? Table settings can make all the difference. You can throw in some colour with some marigold flowers tastefully strewn around plain white crockery. You can also use large, jewelled napkin rings or candle stands in the middle, with a little bit of jewellery or ornaments on them to add a royal touch.

These ideas can serve as a final checklist for decking up your home before your guests arrive. Remember to take some time off and celebrate the festival with your loved ones to make some unforgettable memories.

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