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People have started spending most of their time indoors since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, and they’re generously investing in making their homes more comfortable and cozier. The interior designers Vicky Gosher, Sheena Gosher and Sakshi Soni of VDesignSpaces in Mumbai, who designed TV personalities Gurmeet and Debina Chaudhary’s house and Outhouse Jewellery in Lower Parel’s Palladium mall, share 5 upcoming trends in the home decor space that we should watch out for:

Bring Nature Home

Bringing plants into your home is one of the best ways to spruce up your home. Peaceful and green living spaces have a calming effect on the mind. It is for this reason that natural light, vertical gardens, and open spaces are in such high demand these days. And considering the emphasis on sustainable living, this ‘trend’ isn’t going out of trend anytime soon.

Materials matter

People nowadays are longing for tangible, nostalgic objects due to the hyper-digital world we live in. Round structures, sculpted walls, detailed ceilings, and retro-inspired decor are, therefore, making a comeback. Cotton, terracotta, brass, and wood with an unfinished texture are being used to connect spaces.

Multifunctional Spaces

The WFH wave has not subsided despite the pandemic. So many have decided to make it a way of life, given how comfortable and cost-saving it is. The concept of home offices, reading nooks, and social gathering spaces that serve multiple functions has become popular.

Durability & Source

Rather than investing in frivolous items, interior designers are replacing them with long-lasting, durable, and meaningful décor. They support homegrown brands and local artisans who contribute to sustainable living. Mindfulness like this will benefit the planet greatly.

Personalized Spaces

Instead of blindly following trends, home owners are looking to create spaces that reflect their personal tastes, preferences, and interests. And as remote work is all the rage these days, these are the perfect places for web conferences, podcasts, and videos on YouTube.

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