On International Yoga Day, try these 5 things to live a healthier lifestyle


Earlier this year, the United Nations declared 21st June as the International Day of Yoga, making it an annual celebration of yoga, wellness, and spirituality. From there, countries all over the world have adopted it. Every June 21, schools, colleges, and even offices set aside some time to introduce their people to the joys of meditation and yoga. So on this special occasion, we’d like to suggest a handful of things you can do to make Yoga a habit, starting on the International Day of Yoga.

1. Bring Out Those Yoga Mats

We know you have wellness supplies like active-wear, yoga mats, and meditation DVDs/subscriptions tucked away somewhere. Take the International Day of Yoga as the opportunity to bust them out of your closet finally and put them to good use.

2. Take A Class

Make a list of free yoga tutorials on YouTube, use the subscription you already have, or enroll in an institute that teaches you how to practice yoga correctly. Many private and governmental yoga and wellness centers have popped up around Mumbai to help you master the art. Check out a list of yoga classes

3. Find Your Spot

As an alternative to attending in-person yoga classes, you can still find a spot in the city that brings you peace, carry your headphones and tutorials, and meditate/practice yoga outside as one was meant to. There are many open-air parks in the city for you to pick from or perhaps try beach yoga instead! 

4. Rope In A Friend 

Researchers have found that commitments made in pairs or groups have higher success rates than those made alone. Invite a friend on those lazy days when you need external motivation to get you up. You can bring an old friend, an office colleague, your partner or even a family member to make the experience more meaningful.

5. Attend Yoga Events In The City 

Yoga groups and institutes frequently come up with one-day workshops, group activities and more across the year and especially on the International Day of Yoga to expand their tribe so do not miss an invitation if you get one because everything is more fun with guidance and groups!

While we all have our poisons, it is also important to inculcate at least one healthy habit to balance the hedonism quotient with the wellness quotient. Maybe yoga can be yours?