Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy
The imp editorial team works toward providing the most reliable information to the reader and helping them with a solution that is equally reliable. Our posts are authentic, and are not biased or influenced.

imp has a strong editorial policy in place, and the editorial team abides by the below guidelines.

Authenticity Of Information
We do not make claims or give information that does not have proper backing.

Our health and science-based articles are built on research reports, scientific backing, and expert analysis. We use references (citations) extensively in such articles, and such references are taken from authorities in that particular field.

We have a strong panel of doctors to review the copies.

Editorial Integrity
The writers and editors of imp do not seek any personal favors or present the content in such a way that it serves their personal interests.

Multiple levels of editing and quality-checking make sure that we present the best possible content to our readers.

Gender Neutrality
imp believes in gender neutrality and doesn’t discriminate for or against a particular gender. While we try to maintain a neutral tone in all our posts, certain writing restrictions might require us to use ‘he’ or ‘she’. This is done to ensure smooth flow and ease the readability but does not amount to gender partiality.

Product Listings and Reviews
imp earns a commission through our affiliate marketing program. But this does not influence the content that we take in our products posts.

Our commercial partnerships are demarcated under the category ‘Sponsored’. The content under the Sponsored category are advertorials, and such posts do not necessarily reflect the editorial team’s opinion.

Privacy Of The Readers
Privacy of our readers is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we do not share your details under normal circumstances. You may read our Privacy Policy for more details.

We are accountable to our readers and deal in all fairness with them. We are open to feedback and acknowledge our errors if any. You may send your feedback to [email protected]