5 Education Startups In India Are Rewriting The Rules Of The Education Industry


Covid-19 brought numerous challenges to almost every field. A significant challenge that we faced was teaching in an online environment where there was a virtual wall between the teacher and the student.

There were, however, also opportunities for online startups that developed AI-enabled tools to provide a seamless experience for online education. Digital attendance records, computerized examinations, knowledge dissemination, and course work were some of the advances that made the lives of teachers and students more convenient.

As of 2018, the country had approximately 3,500 education startups, and the number has increased exponentially over the past two years. KPMG’s Online education in India: 2021 report estimates that the education startups sector will reach $1.96 Billion by 2021, with significant investment.

How Did the Businesses Expand During the Sudden Covid-19 Crisis?

Despite India’s education startups flourishing for several years, Covid-19 brought a sudden change to the market that needed to be overcome. However, few things helped the education startups adjust to the sudden era of social distancing-

  1. The fast adoption of educational technologies by EdTech companies helped in the continuous flow of education.
  2. An adaptable marketer who could rework plans when the marketing plan suddenly changed and communicated the new, effective methods of instruction and marketing available to online teachers. Marketers remained crucial as brands that had efficient marketers in place could deliver their messages precisely and efficiently to their target audiences. As a result, immense profits were made.
  3. The ability to manage the entire school process from administration to classes to exams through a single portal.

The five best Education Startups in India

The Top 5 startups in India that made huge profits through their dynamic and user-friendly processes and workflows are:

  1. Byju’s – In India, it is one of the biggest EdTech startups, with revenues of over 520 crores INR and more than 9,000 workers. Furthermore, Disney has collaborated with the brand to create exciting stuff for younger students on their platform. Plans by BYJU to expand internationally in countries where English is the native language.
  2. Foreign Admits: Founded by an IIT alumnus, Foreign Admits is a renowned career solutions platform that helps students with university admissions abroad. With the platform, you can receive career counseling and learn how to write effective SOPs, LORs, etc., to get into an international college of repute. Students and professionals can connect with international mentors to accelerate their careers through the platform. Its major USP lies in its ability to provide customized guidance to the aspirants by analyzing the caliber of each student and formulating a progress plan accordingly. Doordarshan and Bombay Stock Exchange Institute has recognized and featured the brand as one of India’s top startups.
  3. Align Enterprises – This gig-workforce training platform was founded in 2016 and had its headquarters in Bengaluru. It currently operates in over 400 cities,, making it one of India’s most widely spread EdTech startups. GigScope offers auditing, operations management, new business development and has a team of 650K trained gig partners across the country.
  4. Illumnus– Ed-Tech startup Illumnus works quickly and handily by sharing knowledge and bridging the world of education. The app’s steep rise in the Indian market over the past two years is due to this fact. A Learning Management System integrates all four stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, and administrators) of an educational institute seamlessly. Through the brand, Indian education hubs can open their doors to international students who wish to study in India and vice versa.  
  5. Testbook- Testbook is a government test preparation platform that provides the necessary knowledge base and online classes to assist students in passing their online exams. Using the platform, students will have access to recorded videotapes, test video discussions, PDFs, and reco notes.

Taccesse seen a sudden spike in their growth, as a result of their adaptation to the digital environment and the best marketing plans they have made for their brands. Despite all the features, entrepreneurs might suffer from the lack of marketing work, and the above brands well learned this lesson.