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Coimbatore Temple Constructs ‘Corona Devi’ Idol To Protect People From The Virus

“Go Corona Go, Go Corona Go..” has been the chant for all of 2020 and still going on. We banged thalis, lit diyas, chanted prayers yet the coronavirus pandemic refuses to leave. To drive away Covid-19, Coimbatore has erected an idol of “Corona Devi” in Kamatchipuri Adhinam, a temple in the city. The stunning idol of the goddess is believed to protect people from the havoc of coronavirus. Here’s everything you need to know about Coimbatore’s Corona Devi.

Coimbatore Has A ‘Corona Devi’ Idol To Protect People From Covid-19
Kamatchipuri Adhinam, a temple in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has erected an idol of ‘Corona Devi’. This 1.5 feet tall black stone idol is made out of granite and believed to protect humanity from the virus. Special prayers will be conducted for 48 days. And a Maha Yagnam will also be held by the temple management during this time. But devotees will not be permitted to visit the temple to offer prayers. Sivalingeswarar, a man in charge of the Adhinam revealed to India Today that it has been a practice to create deities that protect people from diseases and plagues. Tamil Nadu is also home to the Plague Mariamman Temple that is believed to have protected citizens during the plague and cholera outbreak in the past.

Tamil Nadu Also Has Plague Mariamman That Is Believed To Protect Devotees From Plague
Anand Bharathi, the manager of Kamatchipuri Adhinam also revealed similar views to The Indian Express stating that consecrating deities to protect people from deadly diseases has been an age-old practice. He also gave Plague Mariamman temple in Coimbatore as an example. Devotees carried turmeric, lemons, gooseberries and neem on their heads to offer it to the Devi. These were all immunity-boosting ingredients.

Bharathi, stated that their Guruji informed them in a dream to do something to save people affected by Covid-19. That’s when they decided to erect an idol of Corona Devi and started offering pujas. The news of erecting an idol in Coimbatore comes after the second wave caused devastating sufferings where the healthcare system is stretched thin, and there is a severe shortage of oxygen, vaccines and other drugs in the country. So, when all is lost, maybe it’s time to instil the faith and hope that our fate changes for the better as well.

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