Home To Statue Of Unity, Kevadia To Become India’s First Electric-Vehicle Only City

On the eve of World Environment Day, PM Modi announced that Kevadia in Gujarat would soon transform into India’s first electric vehicle-only city. Home to the Statue of Unity, Kevadia witnessed scores of tourists before the pandemic. So, transforming this tourism hotspot into an electric-vehicle-only city will definitely help the environment. While this is a powerful start towards the future, let us know more about this initiative.

Kevadia To Transform Into India’s First Electric Vehicle Only City
On the eve of World Environment Day organized by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, PM Modi announced that Kevadia in Gujarat will transform into the country’s first electric-vehicle-only city. If Kevadia sounds familiar to you, it is because it houses the 182-meter statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (our Iron Man of India), popularly known as the Statue of Unity. This is a bold move towards India’s gradual movement towards electric vehicles.

Only Battery Based Buses, Cars & Two Wheelers Will Run In Kevadia In The Future
To make this dream a reality, the government has granted ₹18,100 crore production linked incentive (PLI) scheme to make lithium-ion cells. This investment is also a magnet to attract more investments worth ₹45,000 crores. As per the official statement from the PM’s Office, “Necessary infrastructure is being made available so that only battery-based buses, two-wheeler, four-wheeler will run in Kevadiya in future.” According to The Mint, he also mentioned that the Kevadia project is already underway, and the necessary infrastructure is constructed to ensure battery-based vehicles ply in Kevadiya in future.