Las Vegas Strip Club Offers Free Vaccination With Complimentary Services Including Drinks & Dances


Vaccines can be a challenge, especially when there is a teeming population with an aversion to getting rid of the Covid-19. While different governments and local bodies are finding innovative methods to encourage their citizens to vaccinate, Las Vegas went ahead in an innovative way, that’s sure to grab eyeballs. A Las Vegas strip club is now offering free Covid vaccinations along with complementary services like drinks and dances. Find out more

Strip Club In Las Vegas Becomes Pop-Up Spot For Covid Vaccination
A famous strip bar in Las Vegas has become a ‘pop up’ spot for COVID-19 vaccination where people will also enjoy ‘complimentary services’. As they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The strip bar in question is the Larry Flynt’s Hustler club which has administered shots to over 100 people before opening up for usual business. Even dancers received jabs while being dressed in their usual attire. Some people were reluctant to get the jabs but eventually decided to go for it.

It Offers Alcohol & Free Dances To Vaccinated Visitors
To make matters interesting, the strip club also offered incentives to people who showed proof of vaccination. What are these incentives? They were offered a membership card, permission to invite five friends for free, a complimentary bottle of alcohol, and dances from ‘vaccinated entertainers’.