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Friday, December 9, 2022

6 Valuable Merchandises you must have if you are a die-hard ‘FRIENDS’ FAN

If there is one series that I can binge on again and again without a pause, it’s friends. When loneliness kicks in and life throws lemons, the series has been the only source of happiness. It has helped me fight depression and made me laugh at times when I couldn’t even pull a smile. Pandemic, lockdown, or apocalypse, my only way through all of it is by watching Friends, and I’m sure so is for you. If you love them so much, get these Friends theme utilities that you can use daily.

Water bottle

Drink eight glasses of water every day, and that’s the minimum count. You can carry along this chic water bottle anywhere you go and tell everyone how much of a Friends fan you are. It is also an alternative way to connect with fellow Friends fans- Imagine walking out of your gym with this bottle, and a guy comes asking, ‘How you doing?. *blush*

Coffee Mug

With cute little caricatures of everything that reminds you of Friends, this coffee mug is a special gift to surprise your special friend. You can place it as a showpiece or use it to taste your coffee every day. No doubt it’s going to be a stunning piece on your work desk.

Monica’s Door Frame

There’s nothing quite so iconic as the yellow peephole frame from Monica’s apartment on Friends. Keep that fun memory of a lovable show with a Friends TV show picture frame you can take everywhere. Place it on your door, DIY it as your photo frame, or gift it to your fellow Friends fan.

Magnetic Bookmarks

Here are your Friends themed magnets to place it anywhere. These laminated folding magnetic bookmarks increase reading enjoyment and cultivate a reading hobby. After all, look at these beauties!

Wooden Coaster

These dark black wooden coasters are super helpful and add to your coffee table’s aesthetic elegance. It is a great conversation starter and a perfect gifting item.

Hugsy printed T-shirt

If Joey is your favorite man, then Hugsy should be a part of your life. This soft cotton t-shirt featuring a graphic print of Hugsy is a fashion goal to match with your friends and binge on the episodes all over again. Now we think, why didn’t Hugsy make an appearance during the reunion!

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