Here Are 5 Tips On Choosing A Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

Are you aware? Two-wheelers are the most popular means of transportation in India, where bikes and scooters are the most popular. We also have the most accident-prone environment with around 21 million two-wheelers plying Indian roads. The statistics speak for themselves. 

In 2018, India saw a total of 4,67,044 road accidents, including accidents involving cars, trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians. One interesting fact is that two-wheeler accidents accounted for the majority of this number, 35.2% to be exact. It is not the purpose of this statistic to scare you, but to convey the idea that accidents and mishaps can occur anywhere, including in India.

Bicycle insurance comes to the rescue in this situation. By covering the costs of third-party liability and co-passenger medical treatment, insurance prepares you for any potential trouble and acts as your prime safety net. As important as it is to get your two-wheeler insured, it is equally vital to pick the right brand, one that is reliable, quick to respond, and delivers the best value for your hard-earned money. 

Choosing the right insurance brand from the many available in the market might prove a challenge. Following are the five aspects you should consider when choosing two-wheeler insurance. 

1. Instant Support

In some cases, you may need a friend to assist you in claiming the insurance and utilizing its benefits after purchasing it. You should ensure that your insurer’s support team is prompt and ever-available to assist you with your claims and keep you informed about them through different modes of communication, 24×7. 

2. Quick Claim Settlement 

Whenever a calamity strikes without warning, assistance must be provided as soon as possible. While going through the trauma of your bike’s theft or accident, you may not want to deal with paperwork. The insurance brand should ensure you not only receive your benefits in time but also that the entire claim process is straightforward. In addition, the geographical reach of the brand also plays a crucial role in lending you a helping hand as soon as possible. 

3. Transfer of No Claim Bonus

The insurance is there to cover bad times, but it is also the owner’s responsibility to be vigilant and avoid mishaps. Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice to get perks if you have been extra-careful throughout the year? Normally, that perk would come in the form of a NCB (No Claim Bonus),, a bonus issued after a year without any claims. 

4. Personal accident cover for pillion rider

A person who chooses to be your co-passenger means that they trust you enough to put their safety in your hands. If this is the case, you are also responsible for ensuring that the pillion rider is also covered and gets all the financial assistance needed in the event of an accident. 

5. Hassle-free renewal

Once you have purchased a policy, renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy every year shouldn’t take as long as finding a new insurer. It should be a quick and easy online process since some of us are lazy pandas and leave our bikes uninsured for long periods of time to avoid the time and effort necessary to renew them. 

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is one of the names that provide the aforementioned deliverables at its core. With a number of facilities in its catalogue, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has played a significant role in easing the burden of its customers with tragic times since 2001. 

Besides its extensive network of cashless garages across the country, its round-the-clock assistance and quick claim processing ensure that help reaches you in a timely manner. When we say ‘speedy’, we mean it literally takes 30 minutes, including on-site service. Moreover, exemplifying Bajaj’s reliability is its top-notch CSR (claim settlement ratio). CSR is the ratio between the number of claims settled by the brand compared to the number of claims received. 

There are a multitude of two-wheeler insurers in the market today, which makes it easy to pick one and get done with it. However, besides the joy you experience while riding your beloved bike or scooter, it is also your responsibility to choose credible insurance and be prepared for whatever comes your way.