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How to Identify the Best Play-to-Earn Games?

Undoubtedly, anyone acquainted with the blockchain and gaming industry has heard about Play-to-Earn games and their sway over the community. Trends from the last few years indicate exponential growth both in terms of user base and revenue. And given the present market dynamics and the craze around NFTs, the Play-to-Earn space seems to be headed in the right direction.

But, how do you find the best Play-to-Earn games? A simple Google search would list several of these, each claiming to be the best. Websites are often used for paid reviews to promote games, which puts users in a tricky situation. So, you must learn how to identify the best Play-to-Earn titles without relying on Best Of guides for help.

Here are a few factors you must consider before choosing a Play-to-Earn game:

  • Gameplay

The Play-to-Earn gaming space is still in the early stages, but hundreds of popular titles have already been released. These cover almost every genre, whether shooting, cards, or racing.

Say you are a fan of shooting games, and choose the one that offers the best gameplay in that particular domain. And given the vast array of available titles, you will surely find one!

Also, graphics play a critical role in choosing the best Play-to-Earn game because better graphics enhance the whole gaming experience.

  • The ecosystem

Most Play-to-Earn games have an ecosystem developed around them, and their nature and efficiency play a critical role. The best games would offer an asset that can be used across the ecosystem. For instance, the same asset should be used for rewards and to make purchases within the ecosystem.

Also, the ecosystem should be seamless, providing the best experience to users. The various parts of it should be interlinked systematically to allow users to navigate between them easily.

  • The real-world value of assets

One of the stark differences between regular and Play-to-Earn games is the fact that the rewards offered in the latter have a real-world value. For instance, they should have the option to be traded on exchanges or shared with other players.

Various projects allow users to win lucrative rewards and convert them to fiat currency using an exchange or trade these with other users for a profit. If available, you could employ the game’s built-in trading options or rely on a third-party platform like OpenSea for NFTs.

If the various characters, traits, and items are based on NFT, these should be usable outside the ecosystem. The game should also allow integration of the NFTs that were not developed on it.

Besides, check the value of the native token in the market if it’s already listed on exchanges. Every token released is listed on an exchange, whether centralized or decentralized, after a while. And the actual value of a token can only be assessed after it gets listed because that’s when the actual trading takes place. So make sure to verify that because the higher the token’s value, the more would be the reward!

  • Rewards

Play-to-Earn games revolve around rewards. And before you choose one, make sure to verify how much the platform offers. You don’t want to be stuck with a game that offers low rewards. Because the lower the rewards, the more time you would have to spend to earn the same amount as any other game!

Also, how the game offers rewards is critical. For instance, does it only provide rewards for active participation, or are there other ways as well? Some Play-to-Earn games allow users to watch the live stream and earn rewards for it. If you are new to the blockchain gaming space, these would be a perfect choice since you would receive something of real-world value even when getting acquainted with the gameplay.

  • Blockchain

Another critical aspect often ignored is the blockchain the game is built on. The blockchain plays a vital role here since it determines efficiency. A game developed on a fast blockchain like Solana or Fantom Opera Chain would perform better and most likely be free of lags.

So, if the above factors couldn’t help you reach a conclusive decision, the blockchain factors would. You can search the web for the effectiveness of any blockchain and check the transaction verification mechanism used, the smart contracts employed, and the security features available.

What are some of the best Play-to-Earn games?

Play-to-Earn games like Axie Infinity have been successful, but it still hasn’t drawn as many users as predicted by experts. But, ADA Demon has managed to create a storm since it was launched, keeping its initial user base intact and adding new users regularly.

ADA Demon is based on the Green Underworld, where players start as ghosts in the field of Asphodel and have to find their way out of it. In the process, players have to fight the various dreaded monsters, and their expedition into the wild will also help acquire valuables that can be used in-game or sold to the other players. ADA Demon offers a thrilling experience to users and is a must-try for anyone looking for an excellent Play-to-Earn game.

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