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Unlimited CIBIL Credit Score check is possible with this Credit Pass

You can do unlimited CIBIL Credit Score Check with this Credit Pass.

CIBIL Credit Score Check: Bajaj Finserv has launched Credit Pass, a unique annual subscription that will offer unlimited credit score checks without impacting the score, and pre-approved offers on loans, and cards. For the launch of the Credit Pass, Bajaj Finserv Limited has partnered with TransUnion CIBIL.

Credit Pass will allows consumers to check their credit scores and monitor their credit health with ease, Bajaj Finserv said in a statement.

Why is Credit Score important?

A credit score is a three-digit number considered one of the most important factors behind the approval of a loan application. Higher credit scores suggest that the applicant is reliable and creditworthy while lower scores suggest the opposite.

Therefore, it is important for consumers to monitor their credit score regularly to ensure that it remains healthy. Generally, a credit score of above 700 is considered good.

What you can do with Credit Pass?

According to the statement, Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass will be available on payment of an annual subscription. With this, consumers can check their credit scores as many times as they want. This will help them monitor their credit health regularly and identify any changes or errors that may affect their creditworthiness.

Consumers can also see how their credit score is affected by their financial decisions, such as applying for credit, making timely payments, or carrying a balance on their credit cards.

Apart from unlimited credit score checks, the Credit Pass will also provide customers with pre-approved loan offers, enabling them to avail of the loan instantly without any lengthy application process. However, the pre-approved loan offers available to customers may vary based on their credit score and other factors.

“The Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass can help customers make better financial decisions and manage their finances more effectively. By monitoring their credit score regularly, customers can identify any changes or errors that may affect their creditworthiness and take steps to improve their credit scores. They can also take advantage of pre-approved loan offers to access funds quickly and easily,” the statement said.

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