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What is Serenity?

The world appears beautiful when we are at peace and we move through it with grace and ease. Our presence brings comfort and tranquility to others when we are in a state of serenity. The ruffles of life are no more than gentle breezes that come, caress, and leave our lives.

A serene person is not bothered by the ups and downs of life, by the changes in the weather, or by the moods of others. The state of serenity is when you observe without asking questions, remaining in the state of sweet detachment. Nonetheless, you know what to say when the time comes.

Wisdom and experience lead to serenity. There is a knowingness that all things have their time and their place in a serene and wise person who has such wide understanding that nothing seems surprising. When we are serene, if others are upset or disturbed, we flow with their feelings and feel comfortable, but we do not lose our own inner stability and silence.

Nature is not often described as serene. Throughout time, nature can be peaceful, violent, wild, and beautiful, but human nature has the quality of serenity. Human nature is to adapt, mature, see the course of events from a distance, and observe the game of life from a distance. In serenity, one knows oneself. One is the observer, but at the same time, centered in the original nature and religion of the self, of peace.

Serene people are able to be around anyone without worrying about ruffling their feathers. If they walk into a room full of people, they won’t cause a stir. They can settle among one or a hundred souls and allow others to feel entirely at ease and protected in their presence. In the presence of inner serenity, others know that you are a good person to be around; they instinctively understand that you won’t get easily upset and that you will watch situations and know how to handle them. Serene individuals are beautiful because they have stepped away from the little issues of life and instead place importance on the value of individuals.

It is natural to become serene when you understand yourself and identify your own purpose in life. Knowing oneself, knowing one’s path and destination is natural. Serene people often seem wise. Internally, they have clarified the three questions: who am I, where am I going, and how am I going to get there? Our lives are mostly spent answering the first question, and until we have done that, we spend a lot of time in conflict with ourselves, others, or the world around us. If we don’t really understand ourselves, then we spend a lot of time looking around and searching for ourselves, in endless journeys to mindless destinations of limited and temporary pleasure and fulfillment.

Once we discover who we truly are, then there is no need to go anywhere, there is no searching, and the soul is immersed in experiencing its true qualities and sharing them with others. This is serenity.

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