5 Rainbow Coloured Desserts In India That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

A rainbow is a simple natural phenomenon that brings a childlike glee to all of us. The sky is bathed in violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red colors. Well, chefs across India have inspired the wonderous rainbow and created an assortment of desserts that can instantly cheer up your soul. Here are five rainbow-colored desserts in India that are as Instagram-worthy as they are delicious.

Rainbow Latte In Delhi & Jabalpur

In Delhi, you can enjoy a glass of hot Rainbow Latte while enjoying the cloudy monsoon season at the Highbrooks Cafe. Freshly brewed coffee is extra creamy and foamy. Rainbow sprinkles to top off the latte, making it look stunning. A crunchy, sweet, vibrant sprinkle adds to the bitter-sweet beverage’s taste and texture. When you are next in Delhi or Jabalpur, you should stop by. The Rainbow Latte at Highbrooks Cafe is a must-try.

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Cotton Candy Burrito In Bangalore
Sweet treats from Bangalore’s Candy Cloud Factory are some of the most Instagrammable desserts in the city. In addition to their Cotton Candy Burrito filled with cotton candy, ice cream, marshmallows, magic pops, candy sprinkles, and everything colorful, they are also known for their Rainbow Burrito. Rainbow-colored desserts always seem to be so pleasing to the eye. Cotton candy makes it soft, ice cream makes it cold, and sprinkles make it sweet. Combining burritos and cotton candy, this rainbow-colored dessert is a must-try.

Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich In Kolkata

Ice cream sandwiches are delicious, aren’t they? There is an Ice-O-Metry in Kolkata where you can feast on rainbow ice cream sandwiches. Sounds too good to be true. We aren’t kidding. Known for serving a variety of creamy alcoholic and non-alcoholic ice creams, this dessert parlor serves a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Chocochip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches are topped with colorful sprinkles and candies of all shapes and sizes. Vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles is sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies. In addition to this rainbow dessert, you can also try their Rum Charcoal ice cream and Snow Cones.

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Bubblegum Milkshake In Gurugram
Bob’s – The Shake Store in Gurugram carries the name of Utsav Batra’s father, a milkshake specialist. Utsav’s father spent years perfecting and experimenting with this own milkshake recipes and created specialties featured in the menu. Red Bull and Cola Symphony smoothies and the hatke Parle-G are some of their favorites. At Bob’s, you must also try the Bubblegum milkshake or Unicorn milkshake. These are both super colorful and perfect for photos and a hangout drink with friends.

Mix Kulfi In Mumbai
Mumbai’s favorite Jai Jawan Stall serves some of the best kulfi in the city. You’d be spoilt for choice with mouth-watering flavors like Kala Khatta, Malai Mango, Anjeer, Sithaphal, and more. But if you want to receive the best of all words, then we recommend you try the Mix Kulfi. It’s prepared with a variety of fruity flavors. Another This rainbow-colored kulfi you must try is the Milan Kulfi with Malai, Pista, Kesar, and Gulab flavors. It’s colorful, creamy, and super delicious.

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These were some of the best rainbow-colored desserts in India that pack a punch of colors and flavors.