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7 Iconic Food Joints In Ahmedabad For Jalebi Fafadas, Bhajiyas, Farsaans & More!

Gujarat and Gujaratis are known for their love for food. So, when we visited India’s first world heritage city, Ahmedabad, we explored some iconic eateries and tried delicious Gujarati food. On our Ahmedabad expedition, we were on the lookout for eateries that have not only made their place in everyone’s stomach but also in their hearts too! This list explores Ahmedabad’s best local eats.

1. Lucky Tea Stall For Bun Maska And Tea
So, our first stop was this heritage restaurant which has been in the city for over 50-60 years. We started our journey in Ahmedabad with Bun Maska and Tea in this very unique restaurant which is believed to bring you good luck. Do you know why? It is because this restaurant is built on a graveyard. Lucky Tea Stall at Khamasha Road is a place where people dine with the dead quite literally. In the year 1950, the owner had a small tea joint outside this graveyard but it was so lucky for him that he started a restaurant here. There are 26 graves here and it is believed that every single wish of customers coming here is granted. You get many types of dishes here but New Lucky is known for its Bun Maska and Chai.

2. Chandravilas Restaurant For Jalebi Fafada
Our next stop was the Chandravilas restaurant which is more than 120 years old. It was started as a small tea joint, then Jalebi Fafada was served and today, you get a delicious thali here. Once upon a time, this thaali was priced at 1 cent now it’s priced at ₹100. The combination of Fafada Jalebi usually eaten during Dusshera was invented here. This place is popular with politicians and celebrities.

3. Raipur Bhajiya House For Bhajiyas
We wanted to try bhajiyas and so, we went to Raipur Bhajiya House. The bhajiya here is called Heritage Bhajiyas. A few years back, 1kg bhajiyas were sold for ₹1 and more than 500 people would come to eat it. As soon as this shop opens at 8.00 AM, Amdavadis queue up to try delicious bhajiyas. In the year 1933, this Raipur Bhajiya House was started by Somabhai Patel and it is exactly the way it was and it has no other branches. They serve the bhajiays without chutney as they believe the real taste of bhajiyas is experienced without chutney. From the time it has started, the bhajiyas are quite self-reliant.

4. Chavana For Farsaans
To try the farsaans, we went to Juna Share Bazaar Chavanawala. You get 70-80 types of different Farsaans here but the most popular is Chavana and they have a very interesting history too! It was started in 1921 and has five branches in Ahmedabad. You must try the Ratlami Sev, Palak Sev, Bikaneri Sev, Papad Chavana and Khatta Meetha here. Everyone from Dhirubhai Ambani, the owner of Arvind Mills, CEO of MRF tires, and other big businessmen eat at Chavanas even today. Bhatiyar Gali In Ahmedabad Is Famous For Street Food Indulgence.

5. Das Khaman For Different Types Of Khaman
Das Khaman in Ahmedabad is serving over 6 types of Khaman and is a popular brand serving authentic Khamans to Amdavadis since 1922. From Sada Khaman to Tam-Tam Khaman, the varieties of Khaman served here are unmatched and treat to your bellies.

6. Rukshmani Pani Puri For Nylon Pani Puri
Situated amidst the crowded lane of Old City in Ahmedabad, Rukshmani Panipuri is known to serve the softest version of puri known as Nylon Panipuri, making them the most iconic Pani puri vendor in the city of Ahmedabad. You can try 10 puris for ₹10 only.

7. Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand For Mohanthaal And Other Sweets
When in Ahmedabad, one thing that cannot be missed is trying out traditional Indian sweets. And to get the best of it, we visited Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand an iconic sweet shop of Ahmedabad. For 150 years the house of Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand has maintained and nourished the sweet making tradition whose closely guarded recipes have distinguished its name in and other parts of the world.

We had our hearts and stomachs full with all this deliciousness.

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