Deep Fried Water Is The Latest Food Trend That We’re Finding It Hard To Digest


People have been getting super adventurous in the kitchen and have been frantically whipping up a lot of weird food combinations. From Chilli Jalebis to Kaju Katli Chicken Soup, the weird food trends made us throw up. But the latest food trend that is making us cringe is Deep Fried Water and no we are not talking about boiling water. People are actually deep-frying water just like your vadas and pakoras.

Chemicals Are Used To Bind The Water Together
But if you thought vegan chicken made with only flour and water was a crazy idea, there’s another meat-fried fried dish that nobody needs. Say hello to deep-fried water. Well, are you wondering what binds water in solid shape? People are using calcium alginate made from chemicals like aqueous calcium chloride and aqueous sodium alginate to bind the water.

Frying Liquids Started Trending In 2016
Frying liquids first started trending in 2016, when YouTuber and chef Jonathan Marcus used flour, egg, and panko crumb to coat 12 globules of water and fry it. And while the idea had died down, it is gaining momentum again and people have dug it back up again. So, in fried water, the oil and water don’t mix.

You shouldn’t try this at home as a small leak in the water bubble will spray you with boiling oil.