Maggi Maker Nestlé Admits 60% Of Its Food & Beverage Products Are Unhealthy

We cannot do without our Maggi noodles, do we? But we are disappointed to learn that the ingredients that go into our favorite meal, are full of unhealthy ingredients. Nestlé’, the world’s largest packaged food and beverages company is facing heavy criticism after an internal presentation indicated that the majority of its food and drinks portfolio is unhealthy. Nestlé has acknowledged that over 60% of its products do not meet a recognized definition of health and that some of their products will never be ‘healthy’ no matter how much they work on the ingredients.

About 60% of Nestlé’s Food Products Failed To Meet The Criteria
According to reports, only 37% of Nestlé’s food and beverages excluding products such as pet food and specialized medical nutrition, have a rating above 3.5 under Australia’s health star rating system. Within its overall portfolio, about 70% of Nestlé’s food products failed to meet that threshold, along with 96% of beverages and 99% of Nestlé’s confectionery and ice cream portfolio. However, water and dairy products had a better score.

Nestlé Is Updating Its Nutrition & Health Strategy
Nestlé said that it was working on updating its nutrition and health strategy after the Financial Times report. The findings come with a global push to combat obesity and promote healthier eating. Nestlé is significantly aiming to reduce the proportion of products potentially considered unhealthy. The company has already announced that it is updating its nutrition and health strategy. Nestle To Launch Vegan KitKat In The Second Half Of 2021.

We are looking at our entire portfolio across the different phases of people’s lives to ensure our products are helping meet their nutritional needs and supporting a balanced diet,” Nestle said after the report.

The report comes at a time when the maker of Maggi noodles and KitKat is trying to promote healthier eating.