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Singapore Gets A Museum Of Ice-Cream With A Sprinkle Pool, Dragon Playground & More!

The experiential Museum of Ice-Cream in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami became a hot favourite among tourists and celebrities alike. We have seen David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, Katy Perry, and Beyonce having a frolicking time in the delightful museum. And now, the Museum of Ice-Cream is all set to open its doors to the tourists in August 2021 and we cannot be more excited.

The Museum Will Have A Dragon Playground & A Sprinkle Pool
The museum will welcome visitors to its sprawling 60,000 sq. ft property and surprise them with never-before-seen ice-cream installations. The museum will also have a Singapore-exclusive dragon playground, a massive sprinkle pool, and a pink-and-yellow jungle with 10,000 bananas.

Guests Can Taste Ice Cream In The 60 To 90-Minute Experience
What’s more, guests can enjoy and taste ice cream treats as they are guided through the 60 to 90-minute experience. To ensure the safety of the guests, the museum will ensure top-notch hygiene, safe-distancing, and logistical guidelines for its attraction and its F&B spaces.

You can already buy a first-class ticket from the museum opening in August from its website. Ticket prices start from S$38 and you will be entitled to exclusive perks if you are a Phase 1 ticket holder.

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