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This 77-Year-Old Gujarati Daadi Turned Her Snacks Business Into Success Within A Year

Life is indeed unpredictable. In the rigmarole of the ups and downs of life, three things that keep us moving forward are hope, hard work and positivity. The story of this 77-year-old Gujrati Daadi from Mumbai will strike the inner chords of your heart and inspire you to the core. When the pandemic hit India in 2020, Urmila Jamnadas Asher had started her business with her grandson Harsh and today their brand, Gujju Ben Na Nasta stands successfully in the market. Working from 7 AM in the morning to 9:30 PM at night, Daadi enthusiastically serves her customers and proves that age is just a number.

Daadi Turns Snacks Business Into Success Within A Span Of Just A Year
Urmila Daadi’s grandson Harsh Ashar said that Daadi has been very energetic all throughout her life and has fought like a warrior. In 2020, Harsh suffered huge losses in his entrepreneurial startup. Then he came across the idea of starting a food business with Daadi.

Daadi told, “Harsh’s business was shut down during the lockdown. So he asked me about starting the food business. We thought of giving it a try. We initially started with pickles. Within two months, we included other snacks too. Harsh suggested that we should name the snacks, Gujju Ben Na Nasta, as Gujju Ben means Gujrati. And everyone loves Gujrati food. That’s why we chose the name.”

Daadi Moved Forward Overcoming Many Challenges
Daadi has faced many difficulties in her life. After losing three of her children, she has managed all the house chores by herself. One of her children had fallen off from a height while she was a baby. Another succumbed to a brain tumour. And the third passed away due to heart failure. But overcoming all the struggles, she has moved forward. Earlier, she was a house help and used to cook food by visiting different houses in Mumbai. As Daadi mentioned, she had also travelled abroad for cooking.

Today, she makes delicious Gujarati snacks in her home kitchen, along with her partners and sells them through Zomato and Swiggy. She has also converted an old partner store beside their house into a nashta store. Within a span of a year, her inspirational story has also made to the newspapers too. Her positive nature made her brave through the heartbreaking tragedies and financial challenges and her high spirits motivate everyone around her. Daadi teaches us that with self-confidence and determination, everything is achievable in life.

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