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This Kulfi-Falooda Seller From Indore Wears More Than Half Kilo Of Gold Jewellery Leaving Customers In Awe

Street food in India is a sight to behold. And we’re not just talking about the dish itself, but the way it’s prepared and even the vibrant personality of its maker. At Mumbai’s flying vada pav stall, crispy potato patties are flung in the air before placing it between the pav. The paanwala at Borivali’s Ghanta Paanwala Bhandar has a collection of 450 bells from across the world and is even a Guinness World Record Holder. When it comes to unique street vendors, Indore has a kulfi-falooda vendor who dons over half a kilo of gold jewellery to leave customers awestruck. Here’s everything you must know about Nema Kulfi wale or popularly called ‘Goldman Kulfi Wala’.

Indore’s Kulfi Seller From Sarafa Bazaar Wears Dazzling Gold Jewellery
Indore based Nema Kulfi wale is taking the internet by storm. Nestled in Indore’s Sarafa Bazaar area, a famous jewellery market, Nema Kulfi wale is an iconic kulfi-falooda joint that attracts foodies from all across India. But it’s not the famous Shahi Falooda Kulfi, that’s grabbing eyeballs. It’s the owner, Natwar Nema popularly called ‘Goldman Kulfi Wala’. This street food vendor wears over half a kilo of gold. Multiple gold chains adorn his neck. His hand are covered in gold amulets and shiny gold rings lace his fingers. Natwar Nema decided to wear gold as an ode to Indore’s Sarafa Bazar, the gold jewellery market area, where his falooda stall stands. The ‘Goldman Kulfi Wala’ has been in the business for the last 45 years. His magnetic personality and sparkling gold jewellery have dazzled customers over the years.

Nema Kulfi Wale’s Shahi Falooda Kulfi Is An Iconic Dish
Food blogger Amar Sirohi shared a video of this unique street food vendor on Youtube. The interesting video clip of the Ignore based kulfi seller went viral on social media, garnering over 32 million views. In the video, Natwar Nema stated that the gold jewellery is the identity of Sarafa Bazar, and that’s his reason for wearing heavy gold jewellery. The unique street food vendor proceeds to prepare his special Shahi Falooda Kulfi. Kesar flavoured kulfi, kesar rabri, sabja seeds, vanilla ice cream, tutti-fruity rose and khus syrup goes into preparing this delicacy.

Foodies, make sure you add Indore’s Nema Kulfi wale to your bucket list and meet the Goldman himself when you’re in town.

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