Bite Into Moist, Juicy Lucknowi, Shami’s Seek Kebabs At Al Afadhil Restaurant In Sharjah

UAE loves its kebabs, and the country has a whole lot of cafes and restaurants that take this delicacy to another level? And one cafe that dishes out delicious kebabs in town is the Al Afadhil restaurant in Sharjah. The 40-year old family-run business is managed for two generations now. A 40-year old family recipe has won the hearts of a million foodies, who queue up to savor the delicacy.

Al Afadhil Restaurant In Sharjah Serves Delicious Kebabs & Lassi
Tucked away in the muddy lanes of Sharjah’s industrial area, the restaurant occupies a small spot, serving hundreds of hungry tummies everyday. The owner, Late Syed Jafar is the man behind the success of this 40-year old restaurant. The business is now managed by his sons Mustafa and Mohammed Hussain.

Back then Syed re-created an age old kebab recipe and sold it for AED 7. In general, kebabs can be really expensive (and 15- and 25) and almost unaffordable for the labour class. However, Syed wanted to do something that would provide a wholesome meal to all.

After his passing away, his sons Mustafa and Mohammed took over the business. Today, the restaurant has people queuing up for their Lucknowi Kebabs, Shami kebabs, and Seek kebabs. Being the hero of the restaurant, the kebabs are made with a unique recipe, marinated with special in-house spices, and cooked to perfection for a specific time. The Lucknowi Kebabs are slow cooked for 11 hours, while the Shami Kebabs are cooked for 16 hours. Shami kebabs are the easiest of the three, and are cooked in under 7 hours.

“We have a limited menu, and kebabs are the most preferred by customers. Expats who move to Dubai, even parcel it and take back home to share it with their family”, said Mustafa. While Lucknow and Shami kebabs are most preferred by customers, the restaurant sells about 50-60 kebabs on weekdays, over 300-400 kebabs on weekends. A plate of these lip-smacking kebabs are priced at AED 13.

And that’s not all! While foodies head here for kebabs, there’s no leaving the premises without finishing their meal with a glass of chilled lassi. The creamy beverage is served in old-style mud pots, adding to the authenticity. This lassi needs a spoon, and not a straw! It is that creamy and thick, that you will need a spoon to scoop out the goodness. The lassi is priced at AED 6.

Location: Al Wahda St – Industrial AreaAl Nahdha – Sharjah
Contact: 06 533 5351