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5 Best Minecraft Modern House Designs

Thousands of Minecraft house blueprints exist on the internet, but one of the most popular styles in recent years has been modern houses.

The fact that modern houses come equipped with slick designs, clever usage of Redstone mechanics, and a relatively low cost of construction makes them extremely popular.

Five fantastic Minecraft Modern House Blueprints to Use

  • Modern house for a modern city

YouTuber “JINTUBE” shows how to build an open-plan modern Minecraft house in this video tutorial.

A luxurious one-floor build like this is highly appealing, as well as highly practical on a daily basis.

This build is equipped with various useful amenities, such as an outdoor kitchen, a fishing pond, and many others.

  • Big modern house

This large-scale build by Minecraft YouTuber “A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT” may be a great choice for those flush with resources such as quartz, stone, and wood.

For those who can afford it, this build is a worthwhile investment, despite being costly to build. Featuring massive storage, loot, and smelting rooms, the design is attractive and highly functional.

  • Modern compact house

A modern house build by YouTuber “6tenstudio” is definitely one of the best when it comes to practicality and functional space.

As a result of its small form factor, this build is ideal for gamers who find themselves in situations where building space may be restricted, such as when playing on a multiplayer Minecraft faction server.

  • Modern water house

The design presented here by popular Minecraft YouTuber “Random Steve Guy” includes a moat in the design of the Minecraft house.

Despite being a bit of a gimmick, this modern house stands out among the rest. In addition, the water around you can slow down mobs and even help defend against creeper explosions.

  • Modern Minecraft villa

The final build features a large, fancy-looking modern vanilla, designed by none other than “Akila Gaming,” one of the most popular Minecraft YouTube channels. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie because of its cutting-edge design.

It must be mentioned that this build is nothing short of expensive, which makes it perhaps an unwise choice for those in the early game. Players should also keep in mind that this build is quite an undertaking due to its size and could take a few days to complete.

Note: Despite being all epic, these modern Minecraft houses are not ranked according to their quality. Readers should also note that the opinions expressed in this article are only those of the author.

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