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A Crackdown Is Underway By Battlegrounds Mobile India Against Cheaters: The Devices Will Be Permanently Banned!

Players of the online multiplayer battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will no longer be able to cheat using illegal programs.
Krafton, the developer of the online multiplayer game Krafton, stated in a press release dated December 23, that it would begin banning cheating devices on December 24, 2021. The goal is to ensure a fair game.
BGMI Will Ban Player Devices
In a release dated December 23, the renowned online multiplayer battle BGMI has stated that it will permanently ban the devices of players on detecting cheating in the game using illegal programs, starting December 24, to provide fair gameplay and eliminate the use of illegal programs, stated the game’s publisher Krafton.
The company also added that sanctions were given only to the accounts up until now, but starting December 24, mobile devices of unfair game users will be banned as well.
The game usually bans players’ accounts if they are using an unofficial or modified version of the game, or have illegal auxiliary programs which help them cheat, states a syndicated report.

In the future, players may have difficulty cheating without their devices being banned due to the new policy.
Our goal is to provide our fans with the most enjoyable gaming experience possible by continuously striving to eradicate any unfair gameplay, including the use of illegal software.
According to an India Today report, the only way for users to get back into the game is to create a new account on a new device, which would mean losing all the points they earned in the previous game.
Almost 1 Lakh Users Banned Under a Week
Gaming company Krafton has been toughening up its policy on cheating, and the developer has banned 99,583 players in just a week.
Previously, the publisher had banned over 25 lakh accounts and introduced a new anti-cheat system.
Hackers could be detected and monitored in real-time using the hack detection system. According to the report, the company collected data on over 25 lakh users plus the 1 lakh new users who used illegal programs.
Next month, the game will stop supporting transfers from PUBG Mobile after December 31.

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