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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Assassins Creed Valhalla’s New DLC Gets A Launch Date

The Siege of Paris DLC for Assassins Creed Valhalla has been announced. Eivor’s new quest will begin on August 12 and allow players to experience one of history’s most famous battles.

The real Siege of Paris happened in 845 as a fleet of 120 Viking ships with 5,000 soldiers wreaked havoc and plundering in honor of the Norse god Odin (Seriously, look it up!). There is still some doubt as to whether the event’s fascinating history will be faithfully reflected in the game. Based on the rest of the game, our guess is not too much.

In addition to new weapons, gear, outfits, and skills, the DLC will also add new enemies. Siege of Paris will also ship with new Black Box challenges (the first game to include them since Assassins Creed Unity), where players will be let loose in a predetermined area to assassinate a target. There are several ways they can earn loot along the way, and different objectives can be achieved to earn more.
Members of Ubisoft Plus and Season Pass do not need to pay extra to access the DLC. For those who own the main game but not the season pass, the DLC will need to be purchased separately.

There is a base price of Rs 2,999 for the game, and an additional price of Rs 1,999 for the season pass. Right now on the Epic Store, you can get the main game for Rs 2,009 and the Season Pass for Rs 1,499 during the sale.

You can also subscribe to Ubisoft Plus, which allows you to play all Ubisoft Games plus DLC for 14,99 Euros (about Rs 1,300) per month.

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