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Blox Fruits Sword Tier List 2022 (Best Swords)

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game heavily influenced by the popular anime One Piece. There’s a wide range of weapons and fruits that you can use to get buffs. There are a few players in the community who are confused about the swords to unlock or purchase. We have compiled a tier list of all the swords, along with their rarities. Listed from best to worst, here are the Blox Fruits Sword Tiers.

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List (Best Swords Ranked)

In the same way you can unlock the abilities of fruits, you can also do the same with swords. These swords come in a variety of rarities. While finding some swords can be a cakewalk, getting your hands on some swords can be a bit of a task.

So, here’s the Tier list for the best swords ranked from best to worst:

S TierKokoLegendary
S TierPole (2nd Form)Legendary
S TierTrue Triple KatanaMythical
S TierShisuiLegendary
S tierTushitaLegendary
S TierDark BladeMythical
S TierHallow ScytheMythical
S TierRengokuLegendary
A TierCanvanderLegendary
A TierSpikey TridentLegendary
A TierDragon TridentRare
A TierDark DaggerLegendary
A TierMidnight BladeLegendary
A TierSaber v2Legendary
A TierSaddiLegendary
A TierWandoLegendary
A TierYamaLegendary
A tierBuddy SwordLegendary
B tierSoul CaneRare
B tierTwin HooksUncommon
B tierLongswordRare
B tierJitteRare
B tierGravity CaneRare
C TierSaber v1Rare
C TierBisentoLegendary
C TierIron MaceUncommon
C TierDual Headed BladeRare
C TierPipeRare
C TierTridentRare
C TierTriple KatanaUncommon
D TierPole (1st Form)Legendary
D TierShark SawUncommon
D TierDouble KatanaCommon
F TierIron MaceUncommon
F TierCutlassCommon
F TierWarden’s SwordRare

From the above tier list, all the swords are the best to use. These swords have the highest damage output as compared to other swords on the list. As getting these swords can be pretty challenging, we suggest getting the swords from the A and B tiers. Some of the swords like SaddiSoul CaneWando, and Longsword are best for PvP. The swords in the C and D tiers can be great to start during the early game. But make sure to replace them with better ones as you progress.

That’s everything covered about the Blox Fruits Swords Tier list. If you are looking for more Blox Fruits-related guides, check out our guides on how to get Full Body Hakihow to get Revive Fruit, and how to get Observation Haki in Blox Fruits. While you are at it, you can also check out our massive lists of Roblox Game Codes and Roblox Promo Codes for plenty of freebies right here on IMP.

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