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COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta: Killstreaks & Scorestreaks – How They Work

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta marks the beginning of a new era. With its Global Campaign, Multiplayer mode, and Special Ops, MW 2 brings back the iconic Task Force 141. And along with that, the return of iconic characters like Soap Mactavish, Captain Price, and even Ghost is imminent. And while the classics return with a modern revamp, so do a lot of game mechanisms. Killstreaks and Scorestreaks are two game mechanisms that have players excited. Modern Warfare veterans already know what these are and how they work, but we still recommend you check them out. Here’s all on Killstreaks & Scorestreaks in COD Modern Warfare 2.

How do Killstreaks Work in Modern Warfare 2

Killstreaks are the number of kills you get in the round without dying. It may seem simple, but different weapons or support are available for Killstreaks. Depending on how long your Killstreak is. While 4 kills in your Modern Warfare 2 Killstreak gets you a UAV, 15 kills will get you the Juggernaut.

Modern Warfare 2’s armory for Killstreaks & Scorestreaks is determined by your loadout. You can get up to three of them in your loadout depending on your choice and the ones available to you.

What are Scorestreaks and how to Use them in Call of Duty MW2

Scorestreaks are similar to Killstreaks in MW2 but the only difference is scores are more important than kills. Each activity in the match will provide you with a score that you can use to earn rewards. While scorestreaks of 500 in Modern Warfare 2 will get you a UAV, that of 1875 will get you a Juggernaut.

All Scorestreaks and Killstreaks List in Modern Warfare II


UAV 4 500
Bomb Drone 4 500
Counter UAV 5 625
Cluster Mine 5 625
Care Package 5 625
Precision Airstrike 6 750
Cruise Missile 6 750
Mortar Strike 6 750
Sentry Gun 7 875
S.A.E. 7 875
VTOL Jet 8 1,000
Overwatch Helo 8 1,000
Wheelson-HS 8 1,000
Stealth Bomber 10 1,250
Chopper Gunner 10 1,250
Emergency Airdrop 10 1,250
Gunship 12 1,500
Advanced UAV 12 1,500
Juggernaut 15 1,875


Those are all the kill streaks and score streaks for Modern Warfare 2. While you are here, make sure you do not miss out on COD MW 2 guides at IMP.

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